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October 8, 2017:

ArtPrize Nine is officially over and I didn't win, oh well. I did manage to raise awareness of some of the problems found in the Bible's version of Creation. Many viewers were interested in the Science part of the work as well: things we have seen because of Hubble!



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October 2017
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ill titleCreation vs The Big Bang

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"Creation vs The Big Bang", entry #64948 in ArtPrize Nine

Creation and the Big Bang

ill titleUpcoming Book Releases

My book Series "Myths of the Bible" begins with "Noah's Ark is a Lie." This book is slated for a Spring 2018 release. It will explore in depth Some of the topics raised by the ArtPrize piece and details the Bible story of Noah and the Biblical Flood. The story of Noah is a foundational belief to the Bible and also to later stories in its texts. This story will be analyzed in an unbiased fashion and discloses what the Bible texts actually say about the story. Most Christians have no idea what is in the Bible and know only what they are taught in Sunday School or in church. A thorough reading of the entire text reveals numerous questions on the reliability and truth of the story as we know them.

Noah's Ark is a Lie

ill titleNoah's Ark is a Lie

The ArtPrize Entry "Creation vs The Big Bang may be viewed as the visual introduction to the upcoming book. It outlines many of the beliefs found in Genesis and throughout the Bible that contradict what we have learned through scientific understanding of the Universe, mostly from the past 500 years alone. A fresh approach to reading the Bible's most confusing texts and stories with their actual meaning shows that most of the Bible stories are nothing but myths.

Christianity's Deranged Doctrines

ill titleChristianity's Deranged Doctrines: Demons, Satan & Hell

The second book in the series, "Christianity's Deranged Doctrines: Demons, Satan, and Hell" will be released in the summer of 2018.